The Effectiveness of the Twelve-Step Treatment

Professor (and Doctor) George E. Vaillant of Harvard University is an enthusiastic advocate of Twelve-Step treatment, and was a Non-alcoholic — Class A — member of the Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS) Board of Trustees for many years, until he rotated off. In 1983, he published his book The Natural History of Alcoholism: Causes, Patterns, and […]

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This is the only safe way to treat opioid users

By Michael Stein

“I’m detoxing.” This is the sort of news that delights the families of patients who are addicted to heroin. The promise of a seven-day detox solution is seductive.

But detoxification is actually extremely dangerous. Nearly every addict who successfully completes a week-long detox program without further treatment relapses, and in a world with increasingly […]

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Exercising can BEAT depression: Just one hour a week can reduce chance of symptoms

EXERCISING for just one hour per week is enough to prevent depression and the work-out does not even need to be intense, a study reveals.

Taking part in even a small amount of exercise each week can significantly reduce the chance of suffering symptoms, researchers showed.

In the largest ever study of its kind, analysis involving more […]

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