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Why some people swear by Alcoholics Anonymous — and others despise it

Rae Steward, a 33-year-old from California, struggled with alcohol and drug addiction as early as age 14. But it got really bad in her late teens and early 20s. “I barely remember those two years,” she said. “I was pretty much just blackout the entire time.” Then Steward found a treatment program, which pushed […]

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You aren’t at the Mercy of your Emotions – Your Brain Creates Them

Can you look at someone’s face and know what they’re feeling? Does everyone experience happiness, sadness and anxiety the same way? What are emotions anyway? For the past 25 years, psychology professor Lisa Feldman Barrett has mapped facial expressions, scanned brains and analyzed hundreds of physiology studies to understand what emotions really are. She shares […]

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Maintenance Medication for Opiate Addiction: The Foundation of Recovery

Illicit use of opiates is the fastest growing substance use problem in the United States and the main reason for seeking addiction treatment services for illicit drug use throughout the world. It is associated with significant morbidity and mortality related to HIV, hepatitis C, and overdose. Treatment for opiate addiction requires long-term management. Behavioral interventions […]

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Loss of Tolerance and Overdose Mortality After Inpatient Opiate Detoxification: Follow Up Study

In many countries opiate overdose remains the main source of the 10-fold excess mortality among opiate addicts, notwithstanding the effects of HIV/AIDS.1 Treatment reduces mortality but can sometimes increase mortality transiently—for example, during the first few weeks of methadone maintenance treatment and among former opiate addicts after their release from prison.2,3 The increase in mortality […]

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Let’s Fix The Cause, Rather Than The Problem, Of Opioid Addiction

It seems like every day there’s another headline about a death related to a drug overdose and while the government-created task forces in various states and federally are a great start, they’re not addressing the root cause of the sobering epidemic plaguing the country. Many people don’t understand that one significant problem leading people into […]

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The Way to Save Opioid Addicts | Moving Upstream

Addiction experts are in wide agreement on the most effective way to help opioid addicts: Medication-assisted treatment. But most inpatient rehab facilities in the U.S. don’t offer this option. WSJ’s Jason Bellini reports on why the medication option is controversial, and in many places, hard to come by.

Moving Upstrean

WSJ’s Jason Bellini explores the trends, technologies, […]

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The Efficacy of 12-Step Groups and 12-Step Treatment

The massive American treatment enterprise is based on the belief that alcohol and drug abuse can be treated away, and that we know how and are currently able to do so. Despite continuous efforts to establish its validity, this fundamental idea has not been shown to be true. Instead, research has repeatedly questioned whether the […]

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The Effectiveness of the Twelve-Step Treatment

Professor (and Doctor) George E. Vaillant of Harvard University is an enthusiastic advocate of Twelve-Step treatment, and was a Non-alcoholic — Class A — member of the Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS) Board of Trustees for many years, until he rotated off. In 1983, he published his book The Natural History of Alcoholism: Causes, Patterns, and […]

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This is the only safe way to treat opioid users

By Michael Stein

“I’m detoxing.” This is the sort of news that delights the families of patients who are addicted to heroin. The promise of a seven-day detox solution is seductive.

But detoxification is actually extremely dangerous. Nearly every addict who successfully completes a week-long detox program without further treatment relapses, and in a world with increasingly […]

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Exercising can BEAT depression: Just one hour a week can reduce chance of symptoms

EXERCISING for just one hour per week is enough to prevent depression and the work-out does not even need to be intense, a study reveals.

Taking part in even a small amount of exercise each week can significantly reduce the chance of suffering symptoms, researchers showed.

In the largest ever study of its kind, analysis involving more […]

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