Why some people swear by Alcoholics Anonymous — and others despise it

Rae Steward, a 33-year-old from California, struggled with alcohol and drug addiction as early as age 14. But it got really bad in her late teens and early 20s. “I barely remember those two years,” she said. “I was pretty much just blackout the entire time.” Then Steward found a treatment program, which pushed […]

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The Efficacy of 12-Step Groups and 12-Step Treatment

The massive American treatment enterprise is based on the belief that alcohol and drug abuse can be treated away, and that we know how and are currently able to do so. Despite continuous efforts to establish its validity, this fundamental idea has not been shown to be true. Instead, research has repeatedly questioned whether the […]

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The Effectiveness of the Twelve-Step Treatment

Professor (and Doctor) George E. Vaillant of Harvard University is an enthusiastic advocate of Twelve-Step treatment, and was a Non-alcoholic — Class A — member of the Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS) Board of Trustees for many years, until he rotated off. In 1983, he published his book The Natural History of Alcoholism: Causes, Patterns, and […]

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This is the only safe way to treat opioid users

By Michael Stein

“I’m detoxing.” This is the sort of news that delights the families of patients who are addicted to heroin. The promise of a seven-day detox solution is seductive.

But detoxification is actually extremely dangerous. Nearly every addict who successfully completes a week-long detox program without further treatment relapses, and in a world with increasingly […]

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Exercising can BEAT depression: Just one hour a week can reduce chance of symptoms

EXERCISING for just one hour per week is enough to prevent depression and the work-out does not even need to be intense, a study reveals.

Taking part in even a small amount of exercise each week can significantly reduce the chance of suffering symptoms, researchers showed.

In the largest ever study of its kind, analysis involving more […]

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Amid Opioid Crisis, Insurers Restrict Pricey, Less Addictive Painkillers

Drug companies and doctors have been accused of fueling the opioid crisis, but some question whether insurers have played a role, too.


This article was written through collaboration between The New York Times and ProPublica, the independent, nonprofit investigative journalism organization.

At a time when the United States […]

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‘Catastrophic’ lack of sleep in modern society is killing us, warns leading sleep scientist

A “catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic” is causing a host of potentially fatal diseases, a leading expert has said.

In an interview with the Guardian, Professor Matthew Walker, director of the Centre for Human Sleep Science at the University of California, Berkeley, said that sleep deprivation affected “every aspect of our biology” and was widespread in modern society.

And […]

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Study: Relapse prevention medications like Vivitrol and Suboxone used in drug courts have minimal impact on recidivism

By Rachel Dissell, The Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A new evaluation of more than two dozen Ohio drug courts found that the only apparent result of giving participants medication for addiction was that some stayed in the court programs longer.

Beyond that, the state-funded study found,use of Medication Assisted Treatment, or MATs, had an otherwise minimal […]

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The Real Cause Of America’s Opioid Epidemic

Authored by Mark Thornton via The Mises Institute,

The Opioid epidemic is spreading across the heartland of America. The number of drug overdose deaths from both prescription (e.g., Oxycontin) and black market (e.g., heroin) opiates exceeded 30,000 in 2015. Initial estimates for 2016 indicate yet another new record of deaths. It is such an enormous problem […]

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Why fentanyl is deadlier than heroin, in a single photo

The opioid crisis just keeps getting worse, in part because new types of drugs keep finding their way onto the streets. Fentanyl, heroin’s synthetic cousin, is among the worst offenders.

It’s deadly because it’s so much stronger than heroin, as shown by the photograph above, which was taken at the New Hampshire State Police Forensic Laboratory. […]

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