Highly Individualized Patient Centered Addiction Treatment

Respect, Compassion, Committed

The standard addiction treatments in the U.S. requires the individual to instantaneously and totally give up all use of the problem substance even in Methadone and Buprenorphine programs. Most programs reject anyone who fails to do so! This is cherry picking of clients, by working only with those who are immediately able to get better. But who then will deal with the vast majority who are not always successful at immediate cessation? What happens if relapse occurs? At RHR we recognize much can be learned with failure. Perfection is not mandatory only complete honesty and the true desire to end ones addiction.

There are many shades of improvement in every kind of treatment—any improvement should be encouraged and nurtured. Recovery is not an “all or nothing” process for us meaning we do not see only total abstinence from all substances as the only form of “recovery”. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the harm that may come to our patients regardless of any other factors.